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Thursday 9 February 2012

Hipp Organic Stage 1 Weaning Products

If there is one part of motherhood that I am really looking forward to going through all over again, it is weaning. I loved it. I loved introducing those first tastes and textures to my baby and seeing how her adventures in food progressed. As you'll know if you've followed me for some time, I didn't sign up to any particular approach to weaning, we just went with the flow in true Mellow Mummy stylee. Hipp sent us a selection of their new range of Stage 1 weaning products to sample and so, with a little help from the army of Mellow Mummy reviewers, here is our verdict.

100% Fruit Pouches
New to the Hipp Organic range are these pouches of 100% fruit puree. These were our favourite items from the range and we particularly rated the Apple, Strawberry & Banana flavour which we would never have managed to keep fresh for more than a couple of minutes if we had made it ourselves. The focus here is on convenience and the large screw-top means you can re-seal leftovers for later. Each pack contains two portions of fruit for a baby.

Fruit Pots
Hipp make a range of fruit pots, fruit & cereal and fruit & yoghurt pots. They are better for babies who you know will eat the whole pot all in one go. There were some of Lara's favourite snacks as a weaning baby.

The range includes a couple of first cereal products, including baby rice. Banana & Peach breakfast was a hit with our reviewers but please note that it does include milk powders, whey powders and added vitamins, some of which don't come from organic sources.

Hipp have a massive range of stage 1 jars of food. I've never really been one for jars myself so its hard for me to judge them but our reviewers particularly liked the Banana Custard and the Sweet Squash & Chicken. Pretty much all of the ingredients in the stage 1 jars are organic.
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