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Saturday 4 February 2012

Pregnancy Blog :: Week 28

Week 28 is another eventful week in the pregnancy calendar. A diabetes test, an injection and a regular midwife appointment.

On Sunday night I had to fast from about 8pm until the following morning. Exactly two hours before my glucose tolerance test on the Monday morning I had to drink a lemon-flavoured glucose drink. It was weirdly tasty and nowhere near as bad as the midwife had made it sound. 2 hours later we were sitting in a packed hospital waiting room twiddling our thumbs. In the end we were only 3 minutes late but I was beginning to panic that we'd missed the critical time slot.

I had two blood samples taken, one for the GTT and one for... who knows what. I had to trek across the hospital to hand in the blood sample and then trek back again for another appointment, this time for the first of my Anti-D injections. The injection was uneventful other than that the hospital midwife seemed a whole lot more competent (and cheerful) than any community midwife I've ever met.

After an hour passing time in the cafe and twiddling thumbs in the waiting room again, I was given the all clear. No gestational diabetes.

On Wednesday I had my regular 28 week appointment with my midwife who told me I didn't need to have bothered seeing her because I had seen a midwife on Monday for my anti-D appointment. I had pointed this out to both the surgery and the hospital before, *sigh*. Anyway, this means I can skip my next 34 week appointment with her too and so I won't see her again until 38 weeks. Eek.
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