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Sunday 4 March 2012

Earth Friendly Baby Wipes and Nappy Sacks Review

earth friendly baby Baby Wipes
As you may know, I am a bit of a baby wipe snob. I am also someone who would always choose the environmentally friendly option, if it were as effective as other options which is why we have been reviewing some of the baby change products from the Earth Friendly Baby range.

When Lara was first born Earth Friendly Baby was one of the very first brands of baby wipe that we tried. I'll admit that I had totally forgotten that we had tried them but as soon as the packet of baby wipes arrived to review, I recognised the packaging. I was delighted to find that the scent of the Earth Friendly Baby eco baby wipes had improved since we first try them back in spring 2009 - the interesting fact here is that they are actually unfragranced, which means that you are at the mercy of the smell of the ingredients that the wipes contain. It seems that now the soft, floral smell of natural chamomile and calendula is strong enough to fight off the slightly raw, plant smell of aloe vera.

All of the plant-based ingredients in the Earth Friendly Baby eco baby wipes are organic in origin and the wipes are 100% biodegradable which for me is the single most important aspect of a baby wipe, given the volume of them we use with our babies in the UK. The strength and texture of the wipes is good, better than the supermarket own degradable wipes that I use. There are 72 wipes in a pack which makes the Earth Friendly Baby wipes a real competitor when it comes to value for money. My only negative comment is that I found the pack hard to open and because I had to yank the packet open at first, this made it tricky to reseal properly in the future.

I have found the wipes to be effective and kind to Lara's skin and I'd be happy to use them on the new baby when they get a little older.

Earth Friendly Baby Nappy Sacks

The Earth Friendly Baby nappy sacks to me don't look any different to any supermarket branded nappy sack available. The material doesn't feel any different, size and number is no different (you get 50 to a roll) and the perforations between bags are no different. I found the bags hard to tear off the role, but then I found that with other brands too!. The only difference, as far as I can see is that the Earth Friendly Baby nappy sacks are 100% biodegradable, whereas many supermarket own brands ones are not. The nappy sacks have tie handles and are unfragranced. Simple and useful to have in your changing bag for when out and about so that you can take all your mess away in one go.

Earth Friendly Baby wipes can be bought in some supermarkets including Waitrose and John Lewis, larger Mothercare stores and in numerous online baby boutiques. You can follow Earth Friendly Baby on facebook for details of offers and competitons.

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