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Friday 23 March 2012

Returning To Work After Maternity Leave - Benefits to part time work?

After my surprisingly controversial Yahoo article a couple of weeks ago about the financial challenges of returning to work after maternity leave, I've been in contact with who list part-time opportunities for mums looking for a flexible return to work. Below is a guest post from that seemed particularly topical given my recent outburst!

For many mums the most difficult decision after they have given birth is whether they are going back to work or not. For many it is not a choice - they simply cannot afford to stay at home but the guilt and difficulty in leaving their child is still there. That is why many mums return to work on a part time basis, but do the benefits of working part time outweigh the costs?

Of course the main benefit of working part time is the fact you still get to spend time with your family. You know you are only in work for a short week so the guilt of leaving your child with family or a child minder is lessened and you also don’t have that nagging feeling that you are going to miss out on your child’s milestones such as their first steps or words. Part time work also means you are able to keep your career and be in a position to go for promotions and advance your work life.

Many mums go back to work full time once their children are older so working part time while they are small helps with this transition and allows you to keep your skills up to date and your ‘hand in’ so to speak.

There are of course many concerns for part time workers, the main one is some employers put pressure on their part time workers so they feel they have to put in the effort and hours of a full time position while getting half the salary. Many part time mums find themselves put in a lot of overtime. Because of this it is important to establish clear boundaries between your work and home life while still letting your employer know you want to be involved in any important decision that are taking place in the office.

The cost of childcare is another issue faced by both full time and part time working mums. Often mums find the cost of childcare is more than they earn so it is important to consider this carefully before making decisions. If you would like any more information on part time work then you can visit today.
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