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Tuesday 27 March 2012

Have you ever hidden clothing from your child?

Strange question I know but, have you ever hidden a favourite item of clothing from your child? This week I found myself having to hide Lara's single most popular piece of clothing because she simply won't fit into it any more but every time I put it to one side, Lara seems to find it again.

The clothing in question is a purple knitted zip-up hooded cardigan that Lara was given as a gift for Christmas 2010. I believe it was bought at a Christmas market somewhere in Europe and we fell in love with it the minute that Lara unwrapped it. Snuggly and practical, the cardigan came with us through all weather to all destinations last year. Because it is knitted, Lara's cardigan was a perfect item of clothing for wearing in the car when it was a bit chilly (a great big coat is a bad idea in the car because it compacts in the event of impact which means the seatbelt it too loose to offer protection). The best thing about Lara's purple cardigan was the reaction it got from other people - I wish I had a pound for every person (of any age) who had stopped us in the street to ask where it came from.

Ever since Christmas 2011 I had been trying to stop Lara using the cardigan. The sleeves now come up to her elbows and if she attempts to wear the hood, she folds double and looks like a gnome because it really is too short. After several failed attempts to put the cardigan out of sight, I eventually had to shove it in a box out of her reach (it'll go in the loft at the next opportunity). And so now I was presented with the challenge of finding a replacement... quite how do you follow up a piece of clothing that was loved this much?

After last month's review for Zalando they sent me a £40 voucher which I decided really had to be spent on finding THE replacement for the revered purple cardigan. I showed Mr. B a selection from the kids clothing section and we agreed on this scrumptious adidas fleece despite Mr. B. worrying a little that it was too grown up for her.

When the new and improved purple cardigan arrived it was an instant hit. It is so TOTALLY Lara I can't quite get over it every time I see her wear it. In it's first week, Lara wore it to nursery every single day!

And so here is Lara in her NEW purple cardigan enjoying her Balance Bike . OK, so the cardigan really isn't the same style at all but they serve exactly the same purpose and Lara has fallen in love with this one - she is just as inseparable from this as she was from her knitted cardigan this time last month.  Let's hope we get as much use out of this one too.
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