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Saturday 31 March 2012

Pregnancy Blog :: Week 36

So, 36 weeks. Wow.

This week I had the last of my NCT refresher courses. I think I'm prepped and ready to go.

I also stepped down from my primary role at work. It felt very weird at first not to be bossing people about and having to rush in and out of meetings but I can tell you this... it felt good. I've been able to relax a little bit and can feel the stress starting to melt away.

The sunshine has helped with the stress relief too which is handy because Mr. B. has been working in London which means I've been doing the nursery run to and from each day without him to help and having to cook (oh, ok... order takeaway) and clean which we normally share equally. It was especially hard on Tuesday when I could barely walk because of pelvic pain and general baby uncomfy-ness.

The pevlic discomfort I'm assuming comes from the fact that baby has dropped a lot over the week and, according to the GP, is now 1/5th engaged. I think I know the moment it dropped too! On Monday night I woke up at 1am in agonising pain near my pelvis - just as bad as I remember from labour. I could feel a light tightening in my uterus which happened twice within half an hour and I genuinely thought labour was starting. I practiced some of my breathing exercises to calm down, took some paracetemol and eventually managed to fall asleep again only to wake up when Mr. B. left at 6.30 feeling pretty normal again. On Tuesday I was really achey breaky all day. Thankfully nothing more sinister has happened since.

On Thursday I had my 36 week check with the GP and took Lara with me. Because I work full time, I usually just pop out of work for my appointments, which means Lara is normally at nursery but today's appointment just happened to fall on a morning when we would normally be at swimming - we are currently on an easter break from swimming so Lara kept me company. She was so well behaved and seemed REALLY intruiged when the doctor took my blood pressure and again when he listened to baby's heart rate. I'm so glad I managed to share one of these experiences with her.
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