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Saturday 3 March 2012

Pregnancy Blog :: Week 32

This week the baby has become incredibly active. When I am sitting in meetings at work, other people can see my belly wiggling and jiggling! Before Lara was born she always used to have an active time of night at about 10pm and a small kick just before or after my lunch. This baby is different... it is active ALL day. No really, I never ever get a moment when I'm not aware of it doing its thing. Not even if I wake up at 3am to go to the toilet. This is an ominous sign for when baby arrives.

Someone asked me this week whether I had been experiencing 'baby brain' and I'm delighted to say "No". For a couple of weeks between my first and second trimester I struggled to remember anything (even spelling simple words) for more than 20 seconds but since then I haven't felt it at all during this pregnancy. Phew.

This week represents a major milestone, financially. Why? Because Mr. B. and I successfully managed to get our mortgage down to the next LTV (Loan to Value) rate which means that we save ourselves nearly £300 a month in mortgage costs. This was a big goal for us to complete before I go on maternity leave. That extra £300 each month will mean that I can afford to take a little longer as maternity leave and by making regular overpayments over the past 6 months we've reached out goal. In addition to this we have swapped our electricity and gas contracts (another noticeable monthly saving) and streamlined our grocery shopping. Every little helps!
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