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Tuesday 13 March 2012

Is Dry Shampoo Really A Mum's Saviour?

Dry Shampoo such as Batiste, or the slightly trendier Girlz Only, is not a new trend, it's just that I'm a bit slow to the party! Until I started reading other mummy's blogs, I'd never even heard of the concept of dry shampoo and until just before Christmas I had never tried it. I'd read a LOT of rave reviews about dry shampoo and once even saw a blog post on a beauty blog with literally hundreds of comments in support of Batiste dry shampoo so I figured I must be missing out and have now had the chance to experience the wonder myself!

Dry shampoo is often touted (and regularly applauded) as a must-have product for new mums because it means you can spruce yourself up a bit in seconds without having to find the time for a full wash, blow dry and style. So, is dry shampoo REALLY every new mum's saviour?

Dry shampoo comes in an aerosol can. You spray it onto your dry (obviously) hair around the roots and then massage it into your head to absorb some of the greasiness and bring a bit of life back. Dry shampoo doesn't clean your hair in the sense of the word I know and understand... it disguises the normal signs of dirty hair by absorbing the head's oils through an ever-so-slightly powdery deposit on the hair. In some cases, a dry shampoo will also act a little like a hair spray and offer volume and bounce to the hair.

Both Batiste and Girlz Only come in a number of different scents to suit your mood or the event! I really enjoyed the different scents of the Girlz Only range and found the smell alone to perk up a miserable day! The Batiste fragrance I tried was a little less noticeable but I found the 'cleaning' power of Batiste to be a lot more reliable.

My ultimate challenge for dry shampoo will come in the days and weeks after birth when I can't face the bath or the the shower or baby simply won't let me escape to the bathroom. In the meantime, my current biggest challenge for the shampoo is on a Thursday afternoon when, having been swimming in a private pool with no shower facilities and no time to get home to wash my hair, I have to turn up at work in a presentable state by 2pm. I would say that Batiste just about manages to transform me from embarrassing wreck but even so, I'm still not brave enough to let my hair down at work.

I remain to be convinced that dry shampoo is going to revolutionise my life as a new mum!

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