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Saturday 17 March 2012

Pregnancy Blog :: Week 34

This week I had another trip to the hospital for my second shot of Anti-D. Hopefully, the next time I go to hospital will be when baby arrives.

The appointment took place with a midwife - this time a student midwife who was very inexperienced. It took two people to find the baby (!) but they finally established that the position is cephalic right now (head down, bottom up). I also had to have more bloods taken because the 28 week blood results had gone missing!!! the student midwife was freaked out by the fact that I have no visible blood supply and I am notoriously difficult to extract blood from. I was quite grateful that she wimped out and asked the phlebotomist to do it - me and needles don't get on at the best of times!

This week my NCT class covered topics such as sibling rivalry, foetal positioning and relaxation techniques. In terms of foetal positioning, I know I've got some work to do to make sure baby is sitting on the ideal side when it comes to the big day and the fact that my job involves me sitting at a desk all day doesn't bode well for optimal foetal positioning. We have a rocking posture chair at work that I used a lot during my last pregnancy and yesterday I decided it was time to start using it again. I hope it works!
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