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Saturday 24 March 2012

Pregnancy Blog :: Week 35

This week I've started to waddle like a penguin! Bump is really beginning to grow now. Bending down is uncomfy and sitting anywhere for very long gives me backache.

I'm not convinced that baby is in the right position - sometimes I think I can feel it moving in a full 360 degree turn and there was one evening this week where I'm pretty certain it was sitting transverse with feet poking out above my left hip and head poking out above my right. I have an appointment with the GP this week and he will be the one who decides whether baby needs moving.

I've done a lot more exercise than normal this week - Mr B and I took a few days off work to start ticking off some of those things on my maternity to-do list! Mega-hot curry (check). Really nice meal out with just the two of us (check) and we also took Lara to Legoland which also counts as a (check).

This week I sat down with Mr. B and, with the help of a print-out from the NHS choices website, we wrote up a birth plan.  It was the first time that we had talked at length about Lara's birth and it was quite revealing to hear his thoughts about how the childbirth had gone.  Mr. B. seems to have some strong opinions about where I (hmm, we?) went wrong last time so perhaps he might be a bit more assertive this time.  Using my past experience, I've put in some decisions and some indicators for the midwife/midwives in charge at the time but in general I'm not going to approach things any differently this time around.  We are going to try, once again, for a drug-free, water birth but just see where it takes us.

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