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Tuesday 28 May 2013

AudioGO Audio Books Review

Next week we are off on our travels across France. We had the chance to try out an audio book download from AudioGO and I thought this would make the perfect holiday treat for Lara.

AudioGO stock a large range of audio books and series, many of which are available for instant download.  An audio book is ideal for us to take on holiday because it doesn't take up any space in our suitcase!  I downloaded our book direct to my PC and then transferred the files onto my ipod so that Lara will be able to listen to the story from her headphones while we are on the move or once we get to our destination.

We chose to download "A Dinosaur called Minerva" by Tessa Krailing which currently costs £5.49 to download.  I had the files downloaded and ready to play within minutes.  AudioGO also sell a CD version of the story (Lara calls them CDStories... all one word!).

I played Lara the first chapter of the audio book late on Saturday night when she needed some calming down time.  I was really impressed at how quietly and attentively she sat and listened to the story, far more soothing than when I read to her!  The story is narrated by Una Stubbs which offers a different voice and accent than Lara is used to, which I really feel adds some value - it is nice to know it isn't always my voice she associates with story time.

For Lara, this Audio book has proven to be a fascinating change and she is really looking forward to hearing the rest of the chapters when we go on holiday - I think she will enjoy the novelty!

AudioGO have quite a number of audio books for children, many of which are well known characters such as Charley Bear, In the Night Garden and even Henry's Cat!
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