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Friday 3 May 2013

Lego Friends at MiniWardrobe (and a photo of my daughter looking gorgeous)

This is Lara.  This is Lara looking "beautiful".

I asked Lara to pose in her brand new Lego Friends T-Shirt from MiniWardrobe and this is her interpretation of the term "beautiful".  Hmmm.

Kidding aside, I think Lara does look beautiful.  She is always most gorgeous when she is happy and this new top made her incredibly happy.  In fact, the morning after this photo was taken, I discovered Lara furtling through the dirty linen basket to try and find her Lego Friends T-shirt so that she could wear it again! 

This is now Lara's absolute favourite top which is rather awesome timing.  A little under two years ago, Lara reviewed a Diesel top from Mini Wardrobe which was so well-loved that, as she approaches her 4th birthday, has only just been packed away in the loft.  Lara loved that top so much that she wore it right up until she was physically unable to squeeze her way into it.  A good quality top like that is made to last and it certainly did well... well enough that Holly should be able to wear it too.

The Lego Friends T-Shirt is just as good quality - one of the very best T-shirts I've seen her in.  The stretchy cotton fabric is thick and well constructed so that it stretches but doesn't warp.  Lara first discovered Lego Friends earlier this month on our first trip of the year to Legoland - now she is totally obsessed!

The Lego Friends T-Shirt is part of the Lego clothing range available from Mini Wardrobe.  The clothes for both girls and boys are all very fashionable and in fact I think I'd quite like to wear some of them - the Lego Ninjago clothing all looks awesome.

Mini Wardrobe pride themselves on their fair and honest prices - they feature some very well known brands alongside some smaller, more exclusive clothing brands.  All of their clothing is stocked at prices which are not only attractive to us but which also offer manufacturers and designers a higher sum per item they sell than if they were to sell through most high street retailers, or discount sites.
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