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Friday 10 May 2013

Woolly and Tig Toy Review

Both Lara and Holly adore the CBeebies show, Woolly and Tig. I think Holly most enjoys watching a little girl who she looks up to but Lara, who is a little older than I picture Tig to be, most enjoys the parts that feature the cuddly spider, Woolly.

Lara, Holly and I were each sent a cuddly Woolly of our own to snuggle.

Holly's Wooly Soft Toy is the perfect size for her to play with. He has a little scarf which you can tie (which for safety doesn't fully come off so I'm more than happy to let Holly play with it). Woolly instantly was awarded a place in Holly's nursery!

Lara's poseable Woolly is a great combination of a simple comforting soft toy but with legs that can be posed into different positions. He also plays a series of classic Woolly phrases when you press his head. Lara LOVES this, especially before she goes to bed... I think she really does find it quite comforting. There are no batteries to replace but the box calculates that you'd have to use it more or less full time for 6 months to wear the in-built batteries out!

My absolute favourite is the Jumbo Woolly Snuggle Friend. He is a bit big for Lara to take to bed with her but he does like to sit on the bed when I read her a bedtime story.  I properly love him - who minds what the girls think!

Lara was also sent a game to play.  The Woolly and Tig Pich N Match Pairs game is a card came - you can play it like matching pairs or Lara also likes to play it like snap.  Each pair of cards features Woolly the spider posed to represent a different mood - happy, unwell, proud, cold, loving etc.  The cards all have the word for the mood written in the bottom corner and because they are all quite short simple words, Lara has really enjoyed the challenge of trying to read the words herself.

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