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Sunday 19 May 2013

Hevea Natural Rubber Bath Toy Review

Holly LOVES bath time but she is at an age where EVERYTHING goes in her mouth so this fish shaped squidy bath toy from Hevea is perfect for her because it is made from 100% natural rubber latex and is free from anything that I wouldn't want her chewing on such as BPA or PVC.

Hevea's range of natural rubber bath toys features Polly the fish, Fred the frog and Alfie the duck. Each toy is made from sustainably produced raw rubber (rubber... in case you didn't know, comes from the sap of a tree). There are no added colours and all of the packaging has been produced responsibly with eco babies in mind.

Hevea's approach to baby products is very appealing from an eco parenting view - their range includes dummies and teethers and Hevea will even recycle old rubber soothers if you return them to Hevea.

When we first tried Polly the fish, I was a little disappointed. I understand and respect the reasons why there are no squeaky noises and no bright colours but I struggled to see the fun element in the bath toy. Holly, however, seems to love it. I think the gentle undulations and textured areas on the surface feel nice to her fingers and to her gyms when she chews it in the bath.

The rubber toy is naturally squidgy and boyant. To me, one of the most fantastic elements of the bath toy is that because it doesn't need to be filled with air, there is no need for a hole at the bottom so nowhere for gunk to build up and nowhere to drip cold water if you forget to empty the toys of water after a bath.

You can buy the complete set of natural rubber bath toys by Hevea for around £20.

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