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Sunday 5 May 2013

Jo Jingles children's music CD and DVD review

I had heard a lot about Jo Jingles from some of my friends and family but had never heard any of the Jo Jingles songs or attended a class.  One of the things I have most missed when going back to work after maternity leave (both times) is my weekly music class with the girls and I was really excited to be able to review the Jo Jingle music CD and DVD because I knew it would give me a good opportunity to continue singing and playing with my girls at the weekends, even though we now don't have the time to go to classes together.

Jo Jingles is a music, singing and movement scheme suitable for children from 3 months old to 5 years old so both of my girls get to join in.  When we first watched the Music is Fun With Jo Jingles DVD together as a family, both Holly and Lara sat in total awe with great big smiles on their face.  The DVD has 17 different songs to sing along with, most with actions performed by classes of children; Lara and Holly both enjoyed the songs that they recognised such as "The Wheels on the Bus", "No More Monkies Jumping On The Bed" and "Wind the Bobbin Up" but there were several tracks which none of us had heard before but which I have noticed Lara singing in the car since!

The DVD isn't awfully high quality (as an ex media studies student, maybe I'm overly critical?) but the important thing is the music and the actions and these come across well.  Mr. B. seemed a bit disappointed with the 'quality' of some of the adult singing but actually I found that even some of the classics such as "Wind the Bobbin Up" were sung with enthusiasm and given a bit more pizazz than I had heard before - very jolly -and they certainly encouraged all of us girls to get up and bop around the living room.

We were also sent a copy of the Jo Jingles Favourites 5 CD which I am pretty certain will be accompanying us on our long road trip to France this summer.  Many of the 21 children's music tracks from the DVD are on the CD along with the "Say Hello", "Good Morning" and "Say Goodbye" tracks which I assume to be the way in which the Jo jingles classes start and end.  I remember when Lara was first born I searched high and low for a music CD with good quality singing of fun renditions of children's songs and never found anything I really liked but this CD is fab - just a shame it took me so long to find!  Lara's favourite song from the CD right now is "Polly put the Kettle on".

I'm not a naturally musical mum so it is great to have a CD or DVD to help me encourage an enjoyment of music and singing in both my girls and I'm glad that they have found Jo Jingles so fun.  Holly even now has a Jo Jingles doll sitting watching over her in the nursery!!!

Check out the Jo Jingles site to see if there are any classes near you.
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