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Monday 27 May 2013

Little Tikes Role Play at ASDA

Little Tikes are well known for their simple, chunky outdoor toys for preschool children but who knew they also make a fab range of indoor toys for preschoolers too? ASDA have teamed up with Little Tikes to launch a new and exclusive range of kids toys for toddlers and preschoolers and they all look AMAZING.

Lara and Holly have been trying out this Little Tikes Doctors Set which is perfect for both of them right now as Holly is just discovering how to mimic others around her and Lara's imagination runs wild every day so role play toys suit them both.

The Little Tikes Doctors Set from ASDA has all the qualities that I expect from Little Tikes. The set features about 10 doctors tools inside a big plastic box which has a transparent window so you can see all the pieces inside. It is the most comprehensive doctors kit that I've ever set eyes on... with a toy scalpel, tweezers and calipers alongside the more traditional pieces. It is also the best quality that I've tried - Lara's received a similar set for her second birthday and many of the pieces broke within a couple of weeks. To me, the difference that Little Tikes toys show is in the build, I expect these to last considerably longer as they simply aren't constructed in the same way.

The Little Tikes range at ASDA features a number of other role play toys such as a cash register, laundry set and vacuum cleaner as well as DIY toys which are all characteristically bright and bold. There is also a massive range of more traditional baby toys such as a wooden shape sorter, baby walker, rattles, stackers and push alongs.

Holly has this fun monkey high chair toy also by Little Tikes at ASDA. He sticks to the tray of a high chair to provide entertainment during meal times... these days Holly gets all the entertainment she needs from the food on her plate but in the early days when we wanted her to sit with us even though she wasn't weaning, this toy would have been good fun. The monkey spins and rattles and has a small mirror on one of his feet. It isn't the kind of toy I would have expected from Little Tikes but, just like the doctors set, it has the same great qualities - well shaped, brightly coloured and very sturdily built.

These Little Tikes toys are available exclusively at ASDA.
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