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Wednesday 8 May 2013

Corolle Dolls Stroller Review - Costcutters UK

Costcutters UK asked my girls to review their range of role play products.  As a supplier of toys and educational materials to schools and nurseries, Costcutters UK is able to offer some attractive prices on fun stuff for preschoolers.

You may have seen my blog posts over the past couple of months about Rosie, the Corolle doll and so I thought I would encourage the girls role play with a pushchair for Rosie.  The Corolle stroller available at Costcutters is perfectly sized for Rosie the doll because it is the same brand but the buggy is designed to fit any doll (or indeed cuddly toy!) up to about 43cm tall.

The Corolle buggy has a light pink fabric with a small floral print.  The buckle is a simple fabric strap which is sewn in place and can't be moved.  I was pretty impressed by the fact that the buggy folds and collapses very much like a full-sized umbrella pushchair and the mechanism seems quite sturdy.

The buggy was an instant hit with both girls (and Rosie seemed to like it too!).  I was really surprised how quickly Holly took to it, pushing the buggy all around the living room - it really encourages her to walk around the house.

My only disappointment with the Corolle stroller is that the fabric very quickly come away from the hem on one side of the seat unit - it is still quite a delicate item, despite being designed for children.  The Corrolle dolls buggy costs £21.54 from Costcutters UK (including vat).
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