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Monday 13 May 2013

Hobbycraft Kids Craft and Inspiration - A Fuzzy Felt Flashback

Fuzzy Felt.  Woah, this brings back memories!  And My Little Pony Fuzzy Felt at that.  I feel like I'm reliving my own childhood through Lara and I tell you what, it feels good to know that Lara still gets the same amount of pleasure from the simple things in life.  Lara was sent a set of My Little Pony Fuzzy Felt from the home craft specialists, Hobbycraft who wanted to show her quite how impressive their range of children's creative activities is - and its not just cutting and sticking!  Lara has really enjoyed sitting quietly creating simple scenes from her Fuzzy Felt which comes with LOADS of scenery pieces as well as a few special My Little Pony character which you stick onto the backing board to make a scene and can peel and re-stick until your heart's content.

But Lara does love her craft activities - we have an entire room of our house dedicated to the girls' craft equipment.  Lara, being totally into all things 'princess' was very impressed by the Crayola Color Wonder Disney Princess Glitter Paper and Markers which look like they are colourless markers until the point at which you use them on the page - then they magically bring colour to the page.  To be honest, I wasn't very impressed.  The pens are billed as mess-free because the ink won't mark hands or clothes but to me it means you are limited on colours and creativity... plus the glittery parts of the paper rubbed off all over Lara'a hands and clothes instead!

The biggest hit in our family from Hobbycraft's range of kids activities was this set of 4 Hello Kitty jigsaws.  We LOVE jigsaws in the Mellow household as they take a lot of concentration (aka quiet time) and bring an amazing sense of achievement when completed.  Hobbycraft have a really wide range of children's character jigsaws across a wide age range of capabilities.
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