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Thursday 2 May 2013

P&G and Asda Clean Water Campaign Update

I recently blogged about the P&G and Asda Clean Water Campaign in which P&G are donating a days clean drinking water to those children who need it for every stickered P&G product bought from ASDA until the 8th of May.  Products bought after this will still contribute to the total money raised (but they might not have stickers on them!)

P&G's nifty sachets of water cleansing cleverness can convert 10 litres of dirty wanter into clean, drinking water and through P&G's 'Childrens Safe Drinking Water Campaign' the sachets are distributed to children and families who would otherwise have to risk the possibility of disease from unsafe water.

P&G sent me some survey results which showed that here in the UK, over a third of all respondents said that the one thing on the planet they could never live without was their tablet or smartphone. When I read this, I nearly fell of my chair - imagine trying to live without clean water?!?  Imagine having to walk for miles and back again several times a day for water that is thick with mud and harboring potentially deadly diseases.  For me, when I run the tap on a warm summers day and see the water come out of my tap white and limey, I  get upset and put-off and yet I know that me and my family are so lucky to have safe water on-demand.

Look out for th P&G and Asda Clean Water Campaign so any purchases you make over the weekend could make a difference.
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