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Sunday 5 May 2013

Bovonni Girls Dresses

I always like to choose a special outfit for the girls when it comes to a party.  Today was Holly's first birthday party and my two girls looked absolutely stunning in their handmade dresses from Bovonni.

Holly's dress is beautifully tailored and came with a matching bib which helped protect her dress during dinner (unfortunately I forgot to put it back on Holly when it came to the vibrant green Very Hungry Caterpillar Cake and juicy strawberries... oops).  To me the little additions such as the matching bib and socks make a big difference to the outfit.  Holly even let me put the stretchy matching headband on her and she looked totally scrumptious - I wanted to eat her all up.

Lara's outfit is made with the same cotton fabric and comprises a pair of spotty knickerbocker shorts and a floating strappy top.  The shorts and top are really practical for Lara who likes to run riot around the garden.

The outfits are both handmade in the UK by Yvonne at Bovonni and there are a few things that immediately stand out to me.  Firstly, no more than 20 of any one dress is ever made so these really are special items of clothing that you won't see all their friends wearing.  Secondly, the items are clearly handmade - there is just something different about the way they are constructed that shows that someone spent time and effort putting it together.  As someone who has made vain attempts in the past to make clothes for the girls, I really value this.

There is no reason why these beautiful items from Bovonni have to be reserved for special occasions but I just KNEW that they would be perfect for Holly's spring birthday.  The girls both felt so comfortable in their outfits and enjoyed the day immensely while looking so gorgeous that I simply couldn't take a bad photo of them if they tried!

You know, when I first started planning Holly's birthday party I very nearly popped out to our nearest big shopping centre to buy the girls a party dress each but I'm so glad that these Bovonni dresses came into our lives because there is something quite special about an item of clothing that has had this amount of thought and effort put into it, and which has not been constructed en-masse at the other side of the planet.

Thank you Yvonne for making my little girls look like little girls... if only for one day!  Yvonne at Bovonni hand makes clothing for little girls and baby girls clothing of all sorts of shapes, styles and colours.

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