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Sunday 12 May 2013

Didicar Walk 'n Ride Review

This is a guest review by Jo Anderson who is a first-time mum to the very beautiful Amélie who recently turned one. Amélie has been testing out the Didicar Walk 'n Ride.

didicar walker didicar ride on

We found the Didicar Walk 'n Ride really easy to assemble and Amélie was interested in playing with it straight away which was a good start! Initially Amélie really enjoyed using it as a walker but the handles are quite low compared to conventional walkers which makes it harder to push as Amélie had to stoop a little, she tends to walk alongside it one handed rather than push it in front of her.

The big handles are really good hold for gripping on tight and the seat is a nice height for a first ride-on, as some other makes are far too big for her at the moment. The Walk 'n Ride is good on multiple surfaces, we used it on tiles, carpet and grass and it worked really well on all.

posing with the didicar walk n ride

We liked that the wheels were multidirectional rather than fixed, which makes it much more manoeuvrable than conventional walkers . It is occasionally a little unstable when being used as a walker but I guess this is because it needs to be thinner than most walkers in order to be a ride-on as well as walker.

Overall we enjoyed using the Didicar Walk 'n Ride. Amélie is now walking well on her own so has quickly lost interest in it as a walker but she has started sitting on it and loves it if we hold her on and whizz her round so I think it will get a lot more use as she grows older - I can't wait for her to get the hang of using her feet to pull herself along.

climbing onto the didicar walk n ride

The Didicar Walk 'n Ride costs around £34.95 and is available in Green, Blue, Purple and Pink. It is suitable from around 12 months to 3 years old.

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