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Thursday 8 August 2013

BigGreenSmile - Weleda Birch Body Scrub Review stock every one of my favourite ranges of natural cosmetics, and many that I've never heard or tried before.  I'm a big fan of Weleda's natural baby cosmetics range and recently, gave me the chance to try out another one of Weleda's natural skincare ranges - their Birch oil range which is designed to help soothe.

I chose this Birch Body Scrub which is an in-shower exfoliant for the whole body.  The very first thing that struck me was the scent - it is out of this world.  The scent has citrus notes and it reminds me of lemongrass oil.  Put it this way, you come out of the shower feeling fresh and invigourated!  

The body scrub features very small particles which provide the exfoliant.  It is a very gentle scrub so although you can feel the particles on your skin, it doesn't feel like a whole layer of skin has been sloughed off.  In fact, the creamy lotion that holds the particles is ever so slightly foaming and you can use it as a regular shower cream.

The addition of birch oil means that the exfoliating nature of this body scrub is balanced well with the soothing and moisturising elements.  I use the body scrub regularly on my legs which have been recently suffering with ingrowing hairs and this really helps to lift the hairs from the surface of the skin and encourages a better skin tone on my legs.

I love the scent of this exfoliant and I am now desperate to try out more of the Weleda Birch range from BigGreenSmile.

The Weleda Birch Body Scrub usually costs £9.50 at but is currently on offer at 20% off.
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