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Tuesday 20 August 2013

Yellow Moon Party Bag Toys Review

Yellow Moon sell all sorts of creative and fun children's toys and activities at great prices.  From craft kits to science sets, and from learning toys to sticker sets, Yellow Moon have a massive range of kids activities to fill the summer holidays!  We were sent a box of Yellow Moon Party Bag favourites to try out.

Yellow Moon describe their range of toys and gifts as ideal for pocket money purchases or as 'budget-busting' party bag fillers but I think they also make great little treats to offer as rewards for good behaviour or as side-track techniques to avoid holiday boredom.

Lara is at an age when part-bag toys are still a great source of magic and wonder for her.  A small cheap toy can provide a short burst of excitement and entertainment.  These brightly coloured funky Shades cost £1.74 for a set of 4 pairs - they come in star, butterfly and heart shape.  I did actually venture into town wearing a pair myself!  Lara thinks they are the epitome of style.

I am planning on taking these dinosaur and animal sticker activity books on holiday with us as I think they will be great rainy-day activities for the girls and will help us pass some quiet evenings.  They cost £1.80 for a pack of 6 and because they cover different themes such as dinosaurs and beach creatures, they cover lots of different tastes.

Also in our party pack we found these traditional party bag toys such as Frog Hand Clappers (£1.60 for 4) , Launching Gliders (£1.99 for 4), Ice Cream Sponge Poppers (£1.80 for 6) and Marbled Jet balls (£1.60 for 6) and some fun word search books (£1.99 for 8) which are suitable for slightly older children.

Balls are always a remarkable success in party bags and these Atom balls look like squiggles of rubber but in fact they are balls with an incredible bounce to them!  Great fun.

Perhaps the biggest success in our Yellow Moon delivery was a couple of sets of wash-off 'tattoos'.  Yellow Moon sell a number of different packs of these wash-on, wash-off temporary tattoos in designs to suit all tastes.  Lara was absolutely fascinated by them and it makes her feel so grown up and because you get between 24 and 36 in a pack, they are really good value and one or two could be slipped into a party bag.

All of the mums who come to the birthday parties we throw seem surprised that I have made our party bags and filled them myself rather than buying pre-filled bags but when there is such a wide range of cheap party bag toys available, it seems to make sense to build the bags yourself because you can choose toys that you know the children will love.

At you can get free delivery if you spend over £50 or it costs £2.99 for delivery if you spend less than £50.  With every purchase you can earn between 5 and 20% cash back for a charity, school or group of your choice.
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