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Friday 23 August 2013

Dancing Pooh Bear Review

Anything with a Winnie the Pooh theme is an instant hit in our house but I hadn't realised quite how taken 1-year-old Holly was with Winnie until Tomy sent her one of the new Dancing Pooh plush toys to have a bit of a dance to. Holly thinks he is awesome.

This Dancing Pooh toy has a motor which allows him to bob up and down and wiggle left to right as he sings a ditty or two. There are two modes - one in which Pooh bear sings, and the other in which he more or less just humms (for people that don't necessarily understand his words). When you press his left hand, Winnie the Pooh sings his favourite song "Up, Down, Touch the Ground" while wiggling on the spot.

When you press his right hand, Pooh sings a tum-ti-tum song and stops occasionally. It took me a while to work out that this was in fact Pooh bear trying to encourage the girls to play musical statues. Even now I know it, it still isn't immediately obvious and despite me having explained this to Lara and Holly, they don't see it as musical statues as the pause isn't long enough for them to notice he has stopped singing and bopping! Despite this, the girls think he is a lot of fun and will spend quite some time pressing his hand and giggling... I think they just like to hear his funny, familiar voice.

Holly seems most impressed with Dancing Pooh and likes to hold his hands while he dances. I think Lara (4 years old) is a little less impressed because she owns her own Master Moves Mickey which is also a motorised dancing toy with a lot wider repetoire of fancy dance moves and songs. I would say that I have been a little disappointed with the variety of songs or phrases that Dancing Pooh has to offer and I think because of this, Lara certainly has lost interest quickly.

However, at the weekend we did all get together as a family and have a little bit of a dance to Pooh's Up and Down song so I admit that it does get us moving and smiling.  I like Pooh's gentle wiggle up and down (although the motor is quite graunchy and can often be hear over the sound of his voice) but I'd like to see him perform some slightly more energetic moves to get the girls moving around the living room themselves.

Dancing Pooh costs £34.99.
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