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Wednesday 14 August 2013

Disney Princess Ariel's Vanity Set Bathroom Toy Review

I have been on the lookout for a fun bath toy for Lara for what seems like an age (aka 2 years). I have also been resisting letting Lara anywhere near make-up... but then she raided my own make-up drawer and I think we probably encountered a turning point. The new Disney Princess Ariel's Vanity Set is a harmless bit of make-up fun... I say harmless because, unlike the day when Lara caked herself in my own mascara and lipstick, this make-up set is specifically designed for use in the bath and all the make-up products wash straight off. Phew.

The Little Mermaid vanity set from Jakks includes a display unit which you stick to the side of the bath, or to the bathroom wall. The unit features a little mirror and four spaces for the individual pieces of the vanity set. The set includes a pretend perfume sprayer, a minature lipstick, a seashell-shaped cream blusher and a cream eye shadow. Lara thinks this Disney Princess set is the single most awesome thing on the entire planet!

The first time that Lara used Ariel's vanity set she was reluctant to wash the make-up off afterwards but once she realised that she could do it all again the next time she had a bath, Lara seemed really happy. We had been struggling a lot with Lara at bathtimes (hence why I wanted to buy her a bath toy) and this bath time Disney Princess vanity set has really helped her behaviour in the bath.

My only small gripe with this toy is the fact that the plastic mirror came with a protective coating which I found hard to remove (you can still see small bits of it around the side of the mirror in the photos).  I was really pleased with how easily the pretend make-up came off in the bath... which is handy because I think Lara needs a bit of practice.

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