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Sunday 18 August 2013

Photobox Photo Gifts - Personalised IPad Keyboard Case Review

I've been a fan of Photobox for years; Photobox are the only photo printing service I use these days and I place an order with them between one and three times a month.  Usually I order prints of my favourite photos but occasionally I develop personalised cards for my family or create personalised gifts and this month I got the chance to make a really beautiful and unique gift for my Mum's birthday.

Photobox asked me to try out one of their brand new range of photo gifts - something really very special.  This is a Personalised IPad Keyboard Case which I designed online and which made a very special gift for my Mum who deserved a bit of a treat after a horrid illness.

Ordering the case was really easy.  I uploaded the photo I was interested in (in fact, I uploaded a few and tried them out to see which looked best).  Then I used their online editing tool to select the picture I had chosen and size it appropriately.

The tool let me choose the keyboard layout that I wanted.  If I had chosen to, I could have embellished my design with further images or text but this time I wanted something simple and mature - the photo is of one of my parent's favourite holiday destinations.

When I order online with Photobox, I usually pay by Paypal.  Checkout is always really quick and easy and there are frequent incentives for me to come back at a later date to buy more!  I received a confirmation email of my order and another one when my item was dispatched.

When the IPad keyboard case arrived, I was in awe.  It really is a great gift that I know will be loved.  When mum opened it, everyone in the room went "wow"!  The colour reproduction wasn't as good as my standard prints (but I am a bit of a print snob!).  Setting up the keyboard was really easy. After charging (using the USB charger supplied) she was able to connect it and was up and running in less than a minute and was merrily typing away!

The keyboard communicates with your IPad through bluetooth.  It attaches as many other IPad cases do, through a magnet, so there is a danger it may slip off if you open the flap vigourously.  The cover flips over to cover the IPad screen and doesn't totally envelope the IPad.  The keyboard is totally removable and there is a long thin slot on it where you can rest the iPad as if it were a monitor.  My mum instantly reported that it was a lot easier to type on than the on-screen keyboard.

The personalised ipad keyboard case costs £64.99 plus postage from Photobox and I think it makes a BRILLIANT photo gift.

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