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Saturday 10 August 2013

Disney Fairies Sky High Periwinkle Review

Right now, pretty much everything Lara owns or wears is related to either Disney Princesses or Disney Fairies. This Disney Fairies doll is a great little toy that Lara has really enjoyed playing with in our garden.

Sky High Periwinkle, and her fairy friend, Sky High Tink are both new flying dolls from Jakks. While, in their packaging they look like delicate little things, I think they are probably best suited to outdoor play because they are surprisingly mobile! Pull the flower cord on the stand and see Periwinkle or Tink fly magically into the sky... apparently they can fly as far at 10ft (hence the outdoor recommendation!)

It took Lara about 20 minutes to get the hang of the pull-cord mechanism and, until she had mastered it, Lara was very frustrated. But once Lara had learned the technique she needed to pull the cord on the flower-shaped base, she wowed in amazement! Lara genuinely thought it was magic and I wasn't about to correct her.

I later caught Lara skipping around the garden talking to herself (or maybe she was talking to Periwinkle) and pulling that spin cord whenever she could before rushing off to pick up the fairy and play again. This toy definitely encourages imaginative play and I think it is actually quite refreshing to see a spinning, flying toy for girls as I think it is a concept I've seen a lot before in traditional boys toys. When you pull the cord, the fairy spins so fast that her wings rise, allowing her to fly into the air.

When this Disney Fairies doll is not in use, she can sit quietly on her flower stand which will sit well on a flat surface.  I would say that the only frustrating thing about this toy was the packaging which took me about 30 minutes to fight my way into.

Sky High Tink and Sky High Periwinkle are recommended from 4 years upwards and cost around £18.99.

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