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Saturday 31 August 2013

Tinyme Name Labels Review

This weekend, for the first time since I was 15, I shall be applying name labels to school clothes and school bags.  Ah, the joys.

Name labels have come on quite a long way since my school days and the range of Tinyme Name Labels  features fun, bold and funky name labels to suit all of your labelling needs!  Tinyme sent Lara one of their bumper value packs of name labels to try out for her very first days at school.

The Basic Variety Pack currently is reduced to £24.99 and features:-

  • 32 Standard Vinyl Name Labels
  • 14 Round Vinyl Name Labels
  • 4 Large Round Vinyl Name Labels
  • 8 Large Vinyl Name Labels
  • 16 Iron-on Clothing Labels
  • 14 Iron-on Round Clothing Labels
  • 10 Clear shoe dot overlays
I think the Basic Variety Pack of name labels is a great introduction to the Tinyme range and has everything I need for this first term at school - I should be able to label all of Lara's clothes, PE kit, bags and lunchboxes with this set.

My favourite items from the set are the vinyl labels as these are really durable and so easy to apply.  They are waterproof, dishwasher resistant and microwave safe so they are perfect for putting on lunchboxes.  I've used them on Lara's school bag too and they seem to have stuck really well.

I was also impressed by the iron-on labels.  Not owning an iron, I was slightly worried about how I was going to apply them but a bit I'm not one to give up that easily!  The iron-on name labels come with a protective sheet that you hold over the label as you press down with the iron... or in my case, with a hot pallette knife!  Once applied, they sink into the fabric of the clothes and can withstand a washing machine or tumble drier.  Sooooo much easier than sewing them on!

The pack also contained some clear plastic circles that you can apply over the top of one of the standard round vinyl labels if you put them inside a shoe - this helps to protect the label from rubbing and sweat.

Ordering from the Tinyme website was very easy once I had selected my variety pack and the design I wanted.  I chose the Name I wanted and chose from a small range of fonts for the lettering.  My labels arrived within the week.

I think the selection pack is quite pricey but the labels are really good quality and durable.  I think that in the future I would order a specific type of label as there is a much wider range of designs available this way and you can choose just the types of label you know that you would use, having tried them all out in the value pack beforehand.

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