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Tuesday 27 August 2013

Zalando Lego Wear Kids Clothing Review

A little under a year ago Lara was given a Lego friends T-Shirt and it instantly became her favourite item of clothing and, given the quality of the t-shirt, I was happy to agree with her that it was a piece of clothing worth wearing again and again. I had been on the lookout for another few pieces of clothing for the girls and when Zalando asked Holly and Lara if they would like to review something from their children's clothing range I was really excited to see that they stock a huge number of pieces from the Lego wear children's clothing range.

Zalando features good quality yet affordable clothing all at a good discount. The clothes in the Lego Wear range are all at a discount of between 15 and 35%. Even so, the Lego clothes are a little more expensive than I would normally pay for a t-shirt or a long-sleeved top (especially if the girls will be wearing the clothes to nursery) but I knew from experience that the quality of the fabric and the print of the Lego Wear clothes is a lot better than many other items of kids clothing we own; the fabric is thicker, stronger and softer and always holds its shape.

TASJA Long Sleeved Lego Friends Top (currently £17)

I chose Lara this long-sleeved top which features the same pattern as her favourite Lego Friends T-shirt but in a different colour. Lara has really got into Lego Friends this summer so she gets excited when I lift this top out of her wardrobe for her. The long sleeves should see her through the winter.

TYRA Long Sleeved Lego Wear Top (currently £17)

I also wanted to get Holly a long sleeved top for the Autumn and I managed to find one of the Lego friends tops which went down to her size - I love the cute Panda design and it really suits her. The fabric on this top is so thick and soft that it almost feels like suede.

Lego Wear Print T-Shirt (currently £13)

To see us through the end of Summer, I chose this really bright and bold Lego Wear t-shirt for Lara. It is also another Lego Friends print but because it is made with big colour blocks and shadows, it isn't as obviously girly and I think that suits Lara really well.

I have continued to be really impressed by the Lego Wear range of kids clothing from Zalando - fun, bright and practical without sacrificing quality.

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