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Thursday 15 August 2013

Rich Witch Poor Witch :: Children's Book Review

Rich Witch Poor Witch is a rhyming comedy picture story book by Peter Bentley and Jim Field, the comedy duo behind a family favourite, Farmer Clegg's Night Out

This fun rhyming story is the tale of two witches who practice a very different kind of witchiness.  When presented with a seemingly impossible challenge, whose style of 'magic' will do the business?

Lara is now 4 and she really enjoyed us reading her this book.  I think she recognised the style of both the text and images as being similar to Farmer Clegg (which is one of her favourites... an now also a nursery favourite since she took her copy in to share).  Lara liked the magical elements (and got a little bit scared by a baby dragon the first time we read it).

Somehow I find the rhyming rhythm less of a drain than I normally do - perhaps because it rhymes and scans so well, or perhaps because I was so eager to find out the result of the story.

We all love the illustrations which have small and tall, animal and human, dark and bright on every page.

Rich Witch Poor Witch is a very fun family read.

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