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Monday 12 August 2013

Recycling PG Tips Tea Bags with Recyclebank

In our local area, we can earn reward points from Recyclebank every week when we put out our recycling; Recyclebank points can be redeemed for discounts and vouchers (our particular favourites being 2-for-1 coffees and £1 off a swim session at our local pool). You don't have to be a resident of an area such as ours to be able to earn points with Recyclebank, in fact, there are lots of innovative green and eco friendly ways that you can earn points such as filling in surveys or making green lifestyle pledges... which is how I found out about recycling tea bags.

PG Tips currently offer several ways to earn Recyclebank rewards, including watching a short video on their facebook page about how recycling tea bags can make a difference.  I drink quite a bit of tea (mind you, not as much as I did before I became a mum) and every tea bag I use can be put into our counter-top compost bin.  We take out the compost every few days and put it into a great big compost bin under the tree in our garden.  We only started our compost heap about a month ago so it needs a bit of time, darkness, heat and worms in order to get going but eventually I hope that all of our green kitchen waste, including tea bags, will break down to make a great crumbly compost for the girls to grow things in next summer.

In the meantime, Lara has been using some ready-prepared compost to plant some flowers.  Since we had our garden levelled earlier this summer, Lara has been pestering me to plant some flowers (normally we just plant vegetables you see!).  In true green style, Lara recycles a biscuit wrapper box to turn into a seed tray and, using some well rotted compost, planted up some late sunflower seeds. Lara is really keen to see them grow as they will be her own contribution to our garden and she feels a great sense of ownership.

It is great to see our everyday waste such as tea bags and vegetable peelings being put to good use as compost for the next set of flowers and vegetables! The true circle of life.  And for every tea bag that makes it into our compost, that makes one less tea bag heading for landfill.

At Recyclebank you can earn points from PG Tips for pledging to recycle your tea bags, for taking their PG Tips recycling quiz and watching their video.  You can also redeem your points to get a money off voucher for your next purchase of PG Tips.
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