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Sunday 25 August 2013

Tesco F&F - The School Run

In a little under three weeks my baby girl will start school.  While I struggle to come to terms with how quickly this has happened, I think we are both quite looking forward to it.  It is going to be a period of change for us, a totally new routine - for Lara, a new set of friends... for me, the joys of a school run (I'm still not entirely sure how this is going to turn out, given my working day).  Tesco F&F Clothing asked us to try out a few pieces from their back to school range for Lara and something to help me look that little bit more stylish on the school run (one has to look ones best you know!).

As you probably know by now, Lara's school doesn't actually have a formal school uniform (other than for PE... which is slightly weird) so I chose Lara a selection of simple school basics such as trousers, cardigans, fleeces and Polo shirts.  Lara has managed to pull of the smart-casual look of a Polo shirt really well I think!  It is exactly the look I was going for.  The jersey cardigan is very cool and I think would work well in or out of school.

I'm not sure I'm yet qualified to decide what does or doesn't make a great school uniform but I would say here are a list of my high and low lights:-

+ The pack of two pique polo t-shirts cost just £2 and for that I was expecting dubious quality but compared to other polo shirts Lara has owned (and which I already got her for school) the quality is better.
+ Lara is very tall for her age so I was really pleased that I was able to order longer-length trousers for her.  This makes a big difference because normally I have to order a couple of sizes larger than her age which can result in trousers being baggy around the waist.
+ The trousers are coated with Teflon® to try and repel stains and protect the fabric so hopefully they should last through some of the strains of foundation play!

- I didn't feel that the adjustable waist band on the trousers (standard on most Tesco uniform items) offered a big enough degree of adjustability.
- The fabric on the trousers was a bit rough and a little thin - they reminded me of clothes I wore to school and didn't enjoy.  Hopefully Lara won't hold it against me!

I liked the fact that I could order all of Lara's school uniform online with Tesco F&F for delivery to my local store.  I managed to pick up these plimsoles with a cute butterfly design on them for £3.50 along with double-pack of cycle shorts for PE, a zip-up fleece for outdoor sports and also some white socks and underwear to complete the new school kit.

And so to me - here is my school run style chosen from the F&F limited edition range (a little smarter than I would normally wear to work!!!)

F&F Limited Edition Flippy Crepe Skirt £16
F&F Signature PU Trim Peplam Top £20
F&F Sporty Wedge Trainers £19.50
F&F Signature Tights £6
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