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Sunday 16 September 2012

Babymule Changing Bag Review

Anyone who has ever met me in the flesh will know that I am not a handbags and heels type of lady - trainers and laptops bags are more my kind of thing. I will admit that somewhere deep inside me there is a primeval instinct that knows I am meant to get excited about bags (and shoes) and getting excited about a changing bag is about as close as I get. New on my scene is the Babymule which, as a very busy new mum on the move, I was asked to review.

baby mule with accessories

The Babymule is a 3-in-1 changing bag. It's a backpack, its a messenger bag and it can dangle from your buggy bars. The Babymule is practical and for me it features pretty much everything I look for in a changing bag.

Babymule changing bags are spacious. I love a changing bag with acres of space inside and this one reminds me very much of Mary Poppins' bag in terms of the contents it can hold. The main pocket is just that... a great big enormous pocket that I know from experience can hold 6 nappies, a packet of baby wipes, a changing mat, two changes of clothes for a 3 year old and a 3 month old, a wallet, two sunhats, two story books, my raincoat, Lara's raincoat, a blanket, a drinking bottle, a breastfeeding cover and three afternoon snacks. There are two additional main pockets as well along with a couple of small little pockets to place secret things (OK, an umbrella).

babymule backpack
Actually, I think perhaps I'm tempted to put too much stuff in my Babymule because there aren't many separators or cubby holes inside the pockets and I end up losing stuff in the bottom and having to rummage like a bag lady to get what I want.

I like to use my Babymule in backpack mode most of the time because it is incredibly comfy. The straps can be hidden away if you want to use it as a messenger bag or dangly bag instead but I think the padded straps are fab and when it is fastened to my back my hands are free (and it helps to balance Holly's weight when she is in the baby carrier).

babymule waterproof bag and mat
If I am strolling with Holly then I turn the bag on its side and hang it from the hooks that I dangle from my buggy bars.

The Babymule comes with a whole host of accessories - the Essentials Kit.  Normally I take out all of the accessories from a changing bag and leave them in the nursery never to be seen again but this time I have actually used them!  There is a nicely sized changing mat with waterproof, padded backing which folds up into a slot in the main pocket.  There is also a zip-up waterproof bag for carrying home dirty clothes or nappies and a small carry bag that you can use to hold just the essentials if you are short on space.  There is also an insulated bottle holder.

The Babymule is very 'me' and I always use it when I am travelling with both girls (it is comfortable and makes life easier) and when I am meeting up with the guys from work (its a bag a bloke can appreciate too).  My bag is largely grey (with green pattern) and I left it on the floor or a pub only to find that it was covered in ketchup or relish or something - it has stained and I've not been able to shift the stain from the grey water-resistant material.  Boo :-(

At £84 the Babymule is a little beyond my normal changing bag budget but it is EXACTLY right for me and for my everyday style so I think its worth it.

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