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Sunday 16 September 2012 Halloween Fancy Dress Review

We have a run of fancy dress parties over the coming weeks. A birthday party at nursery, a fancy dress 5th birthday party and then, before we know it, halloween. Last year Mummy was hoping to get away without buying a halloween costume but the night before the big day I decided that Lara couldn't be the only one to turn up to nursery in her everyday gear and did a last minute panic shop for an outfit.

This year we are a lot more organised and have been reviewing this kids skeleton costume which is part of the range of halloween costumes at Joker's Masquerade.

I chose this halloween costume because I thought it was a bit different to the run-of-the-mill outfits.  Lara can be ultimately girly when she chooses to be but is a bit scared of witches so doesn't want to be a witch whereas skeletons she can handle!!!?!?!

The outfit features a printed top and leggings with the pink bones on them as well as a pair of fingerless gloves with finger bones on them.  Our favourite piece is the floaty pink tutu!  All of the material is surprisingly thick but the hems and elasticated waist are not elegantly sewn (there were threads dangling off the gloves and t-shirt) but then the outfit is really only designed to withstand one use, isn't it?  Saying that, I think that the outfit is ideal for sending Lara to nursery in because it isn't too heavy and for the price I wouldn't worry that she might wreck it in nursery.

The bone motifs feel quite sticky and Lara struggled to get the outfit on without my help.  The sizing of the costume is good - we ordered size small based on the sizing guide and it fitted my 3 year old well (she wears age 4 clothes in general).  The gloves are slightly too big for her and so her fingers don't quite point out of the end!!!  I think Lara is going to stand out from all the pumpkins and witches at nursery this year!

The kids skeleton costume costs £16.99 at present from
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