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Sunday 9 September 2012

Japonesque Baby Grooming Review

When I first saw the new range of baby grooming products from Japonesque, I squealed with excitement. Here is a range of nail clippers, brushes, combs and scissors that are all small and delicate enough for use on a baby and yet bright, bold and a LOT of fun.

The new range of goodies from Japonesque is their first foray into the world of baby grooming and is now available in the UK at

Japonesque Baby is a small set of animal-themed tools and gadgets. We were sent a baby hairbrush, a set of safety nail clippers and a pair of nail scissors to review. The range also includes hair scissors, a comb and a pair of first aid scissors.

Believe it or not, this cute duckling is a pair of baby nail clippers!  It also comes in a dolphin and penguin design.  I know that lots of parents worry about cutting their baby's finger nails and toe nails because they don't want to hurt those tiny digits and this product is intended to be a solution.  Not only is it bright enough to distract your baby, the beak acts as a safety device to protect the cutting blades from tiny inquisitive fingers when not in use.  The little lever at the top of the head causes the clippers to close and cut and the blades are positioned a long way back into the beak so that you can't over-cut the nails.  I actually found these clippers very hard to use and preferred the safety scissors below; the head of the duck got in the way so I couldn't see what I was doing.  There is a small metal nail file on the base of the duck.

This pink hippo is my favourite product from the range.  He pulls apart to reveal a soft but effective hair brush (far better than our current brush which is too soft to be effective).  Holly really enjoys having her hair brushed with the hippo and Lara even enjoys getting involved with brushing her little sister's hair.

These safety nail scissors have a very cute design.  A tiny meta nail file in the shape of a joey tucks into mummy's pocket.   A small pair of sturdy nail scissors is a changing unit essential in our house so that I can snip little nails off the minute they start to catch on clothes or scratch faces.  The nail file is attached so that you don't lose it.

The Japonesque Baby products range from £6 to £15 and would make fun gifts for new parents.
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