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Sunday 23 September 2012

Teether Reviews

I consider teethers and teething toys to be a demonstration of how different two baby girls in the same family can be - Lara would never let a teether past her lips and yet Holly now swears by teethers for relief from those pesky gnawing pains.

Because Lara had tried and hated a couple of different teethers when she was a baby, I didn't have anything appropriate in the house when Holly started teething. We were lucky enough to be asked to review each of the following teethers and so I thought I would share our experiences with them all.

Tommee Tippee Trio Teether

Tommee Tippee Trio Teether
Tommee Tippee Trio Teether

The Tommee Tippee Trio Teether is one of my favourites because Holly can easily grab on to it herself. It features three chunky 'tags' which dangle from a thick loop that is ideal for little hands. Each tag has a number on it so I can count to her.

Each of the three teethers a slightly different surface (although two of them seem quite similar to me!). One of the tags is water-filled and provides a different sensation when Holly chews on it - this is her favourite one to munch. You can put the teether into the fridge and this water-filled teether provides even more of a soothing effect. The tags also have little bumps and ridges for your baby to explore with their mouth.

This teether is available from Amazon or Toys R Us for around £4 to £5.

Lansinoh mOmma Gino Teether

Lansinoh mOmma Teether
mOmma by Lansinoh Gino Teether

We love this Gino chick-shaped teether from mOmma (part of the Lansinoh family). The teether is water-filled which means that when you place it in the fridge, it provides cooling relief for raw gums.

The reason why I like it is that the little handles which form the chick's hands (err.. wings) are great for Holly to fit into her tiny mouth. The teether is all BPA-free including the hard head of the chick which Holly gets great pleasure from sucking and dribbling on.

Holly seems to like it because the hole in the middle allows her to get her hand through and make a good grip on it. She holds on to this teether longer than most. The water-filled section has lots of raised bumps for her to feel with her mouth.

The mOmma teether is also available as a penguin or a walrus and costs less than a fiver - you can buy them at amazon.

Tommee Tippee Water-Filled Teethers

Tommee Tippee Water-Filled Teethers
Water-Filled Teethers

Tommee Tippee sell a number of different water-filled teethers and we tried out this pair of stars from the Essentials range. Because they are water-filled, they provide a slight element of chew rather than just a rigid gnashing! We put them in the fridge and then offer them to Holly when they are cool and I can only imagine how weird and refreshing it feels to have them rubbed on her gums.

Holly finds it hard to grip these teethers despite the hole through the middle.  These teethers are available from ASDA for £3.59.

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