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Monday 3 September 2012

The "I Made This" Meme Competition

This meme was inspired by my ex-boss! In an emotive conversation on the day that he left the company he asked me what the future held for me. I explained that I really enjoy the job that I do. As a software engineer, even if I don't write code very often any more, I still get great pleasure out of the "I Made This" feeling. That feeling when you see someone, or hear of someone using something you designed and created while they sit there blissfully ignorant of the time and effort that you put in. The "I Made This" feeling makes me proud.

Mellow Mummy I Made This Meme

It always has done. In the days when I wanted to be a media tycoon I clearly remember the "I Made This" feeling being the driver in everything that I did. I remember a work experience placement that I did at CBBC Newsround in White City; I wrote a series of trivia questions and a short news piece about Gary Barlow for the Newsround Ceefax pages. When I got home that evening I showed my Mum the pages on our own television and thought about the people all over Britain who would be doing the same; it gave me a warm glowy feeling to know, "I Made This".

Software development gives me that same glow. OK so the software I write these days is used by people in darkened rooms to catch naughty criminals but I still know that that the world is a better place because of what I do on a daily basis and that feels fabulous.

I Made This!

And with parenthood comes the ultimate "I Made This" feeling. Every day that I look at my two girls I can't truely believe that I was (at least in part) responsible for making them who they are. Those beautiful blue eyes and golden locks always give me the "I Made This" feeling and it is further boosted with every milestone they reach. Holly's first laugh, the first time Lara wrote her own name, the first time she swam across the pool without me. This is the "I Made This" feeling at its best.

And so it comes to the tag. Maybe you are proud of the blog you write.  Maybe there was a special moment when your children made you think, "I Made This". Perhaps you decorated a room or created a work of art, perhaps something you grew or cooked made you feel awesome. Tell me about your "I Made This" moment.  You don't need to wait for the tag before you can enter but, to start the ball rolling I'm going to tag a few of my most loyal followers and blogging friends...

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Transatlantic Blonde
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And, as an added incentive to get involved in the meme I'm offering a £50 Amazon voucher to the person who best encapsulates the "I Made This" feeling in their blog post. From all the entries to the "I Made This" linky on the 15th October, my celebrity judge, Heather Young from Young & Younger and Growing Spaces will choose the blog post which she feels best offers creative style, originality and relevance and which is able to put a big smile on her face.

And that's not all you've got to be excited about. No! For every blogger you tag or let know about the competition who then choses to enter the meme competition you get another chance to win. I am offering a £25 voucher as a thank you if the winning meme was written by someone you referred so even if you don't win the main prize you still have a chance of winning if you tag lots of other bloggers!

When you enter your blog post into the linky below, don't forget to mention in the post that it is an entry into the Mellow Mummy "I Made This" meme competition with a link back to this page so that other people know about the competition too (alternatively you can use the badge code below). Also don't forget to mention if someone tagged you or told you about the prize. And finally, HAVE FUN thinking about what gives you the "I Made This" feeling.

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  1. The competition is open to all bloggers BUT the prize will only be offered as Amazon vouchers for in GBP..
  2. Only one blog post entry per person. You may tag as many people as you like to enter the competition.
  3. The winner will be contacted by twitter, facebook or email through details found on their blog or through the email left in the linky.
  4. The winner will be judged on creative style, originality and relevance from all blog entries received by 11.59pm on 15th October.
  5. If the winner mentions in their blog post that they were tagged by another blogger, the referrer will also win a prize. Only one referrer will win even if the winner was tagged by multiple people.
  6. The judges decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into.
  7. The winner's names will be published on this site
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