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Wednesday 5 September 2012

Children's Book Review - When I Dream of ABC

Lara is doing pretty well at learning her alphabet. She is also taking the first steps in reading and can identify most letters and their sounds. When I Dream of ABC by Mr Henry Fisher is perfect for Lara because on each page there is a large captial letter and underneath, in clear writing, it tells you something that the letter starts with. In addition to this, there is a short piece of text that I can read to Lara to tell her more about each item.

When I Dream of ABC is beautifully illustrated. The images on each page are magical and, when Lara was sitting reading her book in the Doctor's surgery, two different people stopped her to ask for a look because they had noticed the striking pictures.

Picture the scene. Lara is sitting obediently next to me, engrossed in her book. She gets to "L is for..." which in our house traditionally stands for "L is for Lara". She reads each letter in turn, "L-e-p-r-e-c-h-a-u-n", and then she looks at me blankly. She looks at the picture of a cheerful chappy with a pot of gold and a rainbow. "L is for Goblin". Err... not quite.

Admittedly, Leprechaun is going to push the reading abilities of most 3 year olds!

Following this Lara proceeded to tell everyone in the doctor's surgery what every other letter of the alphabet stood for and was extremely proud of herself when she remembered that V is for Vampire. She couldn't wait to show the little old lady next to us the picture of N for Nurse and had to take her through the entire book looking for it.

We have had hours of entertainment from When I Dream of ABC already and as Lara gets older I expect her to be able to read much of it herself. I just hope she doesn't take all of the text too seriously or else she may actually start to believe that most queens eat too much chocolate and that Eskimos eat a lot of ice cream (she may be disappointed to find out that they mainly eat dried fish in real life).

When I Dream of ABC is published by Top That Publishing and costs around £6.99 in paperback.

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