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Wednesday 26 September 2012

The Essential One - New Season, New Website

The more I see of the baby clothes from The Essential One, the more I fall in love with them!  We were sent a few items from the brand new Autumn/Winter range of baby essentials to review shortly before their launch and the big reveal of their shiny new website .

I am consistently impressed with the simplicity and quality of the every day essentials such as vests and sleepsuits and I think it says something that given a drawer full of different colours and designs of sleepsuits that we collected during Lara's days and which were given as gifts, both myself and my husband always ALWAYS choose the Essential Ones in preference!

There are lots of new designs for both boys and girls at The Essential One this autumn but, as you can imagine, I'm rather taken by the little girl's gift packs.  Holly regularly sports one of her sets of Essential One vests which come in packs of 5 in a gorgeous soft draw-string bag (I use the bags for Holly's belongings when I take her to the creche at the leisure centre and I also send Lara to nusery with one for her sports kit and outdoor clothes).  

The vintage floral design has fast become one of my favourite, despite Mr. B. worrying that it was a bit too girly for her.  Holly is incredibly feminine and it still surprises us both.  The rose design is complimented by a range of muted pinks - stripes, spots and roses.  We now have the matching jersey baby sleeping bag to go with the vests - it is so soft and snuggly.

The Essential One also do a range of slogan rompers - our velour "I'm the Little Sister" all-in-one always catches people's eyes.

But, I think my absolute favourite item from the entire Essential One range this winter is this knitted spotty button-up cotton all-in-one.  OK, so maybe its not as essential as some of the other clothing they sell but it is totally different to anything else we own and it is just as soft on the inside as it is on the outside - 100% cotton throughout.  The little details are so important on an item like this - it is no use it looking fab if it is too tricky to take on and off - and I'm really grateful for the slightly stretchy cuffs and for the fact that the buttons go all the way down each leg.  It is best worn with something pretty underneath though because the buttons do tend to cause the front to gape.

Do take a look at the shiny new website from The Essential One - there are some scrumptious baby clothes on there!

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