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Sunday 23 September 2012

Babyrug Bug in a Rug Review

The Bug in a Rug from BabyRug is a warm fleece baby wrap for keeping your baby snuggly and toasty when on the move. Holly and I were asked to review the Bug in a Rug and now is the ideal time for us to try it out.

As the temperature has dropped over the past couple of weeks, I have noticed how chilly it is as we leave the house in the morning to do the nursery run and yet within a couple of hours the sun is shining and the world has largely warmed up. Instead of going to the effort of getting Holly dressed into a snowsuit (which is quite frankly too warm at present) or into two million layers of clothing, I've taken to using the BabyRug Bug in a Rug.
Holly chilling out on an autumn morning

The Bug in a Rug is ideal because I can wrap Holly up really tightly in it OR I can unfold the front and pull down the hood to let her cool down. We have taken a couple of days out in the great outdoors this month and I've found it ideal for Holly to wear in the buggy because I don't need to faff about with a blanket (which she always kicks off!)

I think the Bug in a Rug will also be perfect for when I am carrying Holly in her baby carrier. I often worry about how to keep her warm in the carrier and ordinarily, a big bulky snowsuit would be the only option but this is a lot more compact and is likely to keep us both a little cooler when pressed against one another.

The Bug in a Rug is a bit different to other baby wraps and snuggles I have seen because it has two separate leg areas, very much like a snowsuit. This works well because I have also yet to discover another warm baby wrap which really and truely does fit in a car seat. I've seen several that claim they do with small holes to pass the straps through but they always bulk up - having separate legs like the Bug in a Rug means no bulking or having to squidge fabric out of the way.

I would say that at £21.99 the Bug in a Rug is quite expensive for the quality of fleece that you get (the one we tried is made from man-made fibres and has no fancy lining or patterns) - additionally you need to buy different sizes as your baby grows older (because of the legs, you see). It is however very easy to use and fastens with a velcro tab which is simple to undo and flap open the sides to cool your baby down.

You can also buy a 100% cotton version of the Bug in a Rug and a water resistant version as well as a lighter summer wrap. The wraps are available in a range of plain colours (the summer ones come with stripes too!) and are available upto 12 months old.

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