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Sunday 30 September 2012

Neal's Yard Remedies Bee Lovely Bath & Shower Gel Review

When I was pregnant with Holly, I asked the wise people of twitter for recommendations on pampering products for me to enjoy as a new mum and almost everyone replied to recommend Neal's Yard Remedies. I bought a couple of bubble baths and then this month I was asked to review the new family range of Bee Lovely products by Neal's Yard Remedies.

The Bee Lovely range is made with organic bee-friendly honey to highlight the alarming decline in UK bee population of britain. The range features organic essential oils from orange peel and mandarin and is suitable for young children all the way through to adulthood because of its mild formulations.

We tried out the Bee Lovely Bath & Shower Gel. Neal's Yard aren't wrong when they say the shower gel is "light". It is a very fluid, transparent gel which foams a little, and reading through the ingredient list I'd have no problems using it on Lara's sensitive skin.

The scent is awesome. Properly mind blowing. The combination of sweet honey with zingy orange peel and the lighter hints of mandarin is like nothing I have ever come across before. The smell alone leaves you feeling refreshed and ready for action. The honey is intended to offer moisturising qualities. I bliming LOVE this shower gel but I don't want to share it with my family... I want to keep it all to myself.

The plight of bees is a topic close to the Mellow family heart. In the past 4 months since Holly was born, Lara has watched the movie "Bee Movie" over two million times (it feels like it). Interestingly Lara has taken away something useful from the movie... without bees doing what bees do best, our wild spaces change and honey would have to be brought in from elsewhere. Bees are important and we have to maintain their habitats if we are to maintain bee populations.

You can join the campaign to save Britain's bees with Neal's Yard Remedies by signing their online petition on their Facebook app or following the #BeeLovely tag on twitter.
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