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Sunday 2 September 2012

Natalia New Parent Survival Box Review

As a new mum to Holly, I was recently asked to review the range of gifts for new mums and mums-to-be from I chose to review the Natalia New Parent Survival Box which looked like it as packed full of pampering aromatherapy goodies.

The New Parent Survival Box is a selection of beautifully scented natural products for mum and baby which comes in a small but sturdy presentation box. I'm not sure that the title, "Survival Box" is entirely truthful as there are quite a few more things that I've needed to survive over the past few weeks. I think "pampering treat box" might be a better description.

The box contains a bottle of Natalia New Mother Bath Soak which smells divine when you pour it into a running bath (assuming you find the time to take a long relaxing bath). My favourite product in the box is the New Parent Instant Revitaliser which is a little roll-on blend of essential oils designed to be applied to your pulse points. The scent is an ABSOLUTELY HEAVENLY heady mix of floral notes such as jasmine and bergamot and within minutes of applying it to my temples I felt zinging all over. Fab.

For baby there is a small bottle of massage oil (sunflower oil and vitamin E) and a little booklet to explain some of the basic baby massage moves. Baby massage is a wonderful way of bonding with your new baby (I'm planning a blog post about it soon). There is also a small tub of skin balm which is packed full of moisturising oils such as calendula, shea butter and olive oil. I'm not sure if you are supposed to use it as a nappy cream but we use it as a body rub for Holly.

All of these goodies are wrapped up in a soft organic cotton flannel that either mum or baby can use. The Natalia New Parent Survival Box is a very luxurious treat that has brought us some relaxing moments over the past couple of weeks both for me and for Holly who loves being massaged and pampered (and smells scrumptious afterwards).

The Natalia New Parent Survival Box costs £30.99 from and would make an awesome gift for a new mummy.
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