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Wednesday 12 September 2012

Children's Book Review - The Tangle Fairy

Does your little girl wake up every morning with tangly hair? Mine does. Lara always looks like a scarecrow in the morning and convincing her to brush her hair before nursery is often a battle. I'm sure this is why she is particularly taken with the book The Tangle Fairy by Seema Barker.

Each morning the little girl in the story wakes with tangly hair and she can't work out why until she meets the Tangle Fairy who weaves a number of cheeky stories before she finally gets to the bottom of the hair tangling mystery.

I found the book to be beautifully timed because we have been having one or two issues with Lara weaving cheeky tales of her own and reading this story to her at bedtime has helped us explain that it is usually best if you just tell the truth in the first place.

The Tangle Fairy is written in verse and as such it rolls off the tongue. Often I am disappointed with children's books that try to rhyme and scan (not many people can pull it off well) but this book seemed to make the most of the verse and for the first few pages I was actually oblivious to the rhyme until I started hearing it in my own head. Like all rhyming books, I find that the verse tires towards the end (or perhaps it is me that tires) but I find it quite a good book for creating a nice peaceful mood before bed.

The Tangle Fairy by Seema Barker Top That Publishing and costs around £5.99 in paperback. I would say it was suitable for reading to toddlers up to school children who can read it for themselves.

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