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Saturday 30 November 2013

ASDA Wooden Dolls House Review

ASDA Direct know just how to get two little girls like mine excited - the day that they walked into the living room and found this special gift from ASDA Lara said "Wow" and Holly, led by her sister, managed a small "yay" (the house is as big as she is!)

This Traditional Wooden Dolls House is the thing of little girl's dreams.  I certainly would have loved one as a child.  It currently costs just £35 from ASDA Direct which is quite honestly a bargain as that is half the regular price and is certainly worth it.

The doll's house is about 62cm high when fully assembled.  It comes in a flat-packed box and did take a while to construct but it was very easy to follow the instructions and we didn't have any issues making it.  As a Christmas present, I would definitely recommend building it before the big day.

The house features three levels - the top one being in the attic which opens up on a hinge. The front of the house also opens up to reveal the full interior.  Bay windows and cute little wooden shutters really add to the appeal of the house.  It is such a simple, beautiful toy which will have many years of use in it.  I'm really happy with the quality of the construction (it is solid wood rather than woodchip) and I think it is up to the test of children manhandling it!

The house comes completely unfurnished which I actually think presents us with so many opportunities.  You can also buy a set of Wooden dolls house furniture and dolls from ASDA and I think a few different pieces of furniture will make nice stocking fillers for the girls.

For me, the dolls house is an opportunity to get creative.  I have great plans for decorating the house using carpet scraps and bits and pieces I can find around the house.  Project number one is going to be curtains and bed linen!  The probably onwards to clothes rails and a bath tub.  Lara has some good ideas too, she wants to make a table with cakes on.  Perfect!

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