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Sunday 17 November 2013

Little Learners Finger Puppets Book Review

Whenever I pick Holly up from nursery, she is always sitting on a comfy cushion with a big smile on her face, reading a book. Holly likes the independence of being able to be 'in charge' or her own book and so these Little Learners board books from Parragon are just right for her at present.

The Little Learners finger puppet books range features well-known songs and nursery rhymes turned into short board books, each with a funny finger puppet who pokes through a hole in the middle of the book.

Holly was sent Old MacDonald had a Farm and Five Little Monkeys to review. I think that these small board books would be great even from one or two months old as a way of interacting with a tiny baby and introducing books very early on.

At 18 months old, Holly particularly enjoyed Old Macdonald had a Farm because she recognised the words when I read/sang it to her and as soon as I opened up the book she started saying, "ee-ei, ee-ei, oh". The book only has 5 pages but they are nice and thick for tiny hands to grasp. The finger puppet cow pops his head up on each page and it is up to you as the reader how much fun you want to have... our cow likes to tickle Holly!

Holly didn't recognise the words of Five Little Monkeys but she recognised the monkeys and likes to say "ooh ooh" when I lift out this book. With this book, Holly tries to put her own fingers in and make the puppet come alive which is a great way of encouraging role play and imagination.

These little finger puppet books would make great stocking fillers for toddlers, they cost around £3.99 each.

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