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Friday 15 November 2013

Yellow Moon Christmas Crafts for Small People!

This weekend was an incredibly festive affair.  We prepared and froze chestnuts to eat on Christmas day, we tasted and then ordered a Christmas turkey, we made a Christmas cake together and then started making some fabulous Christmas decorations before settling down in the evening to watch some of the movies that we had recorded last Christmas.  The girls loved it.

Yellow Moon sent Lara some samples from their vast range of craft materials for children so that they could start creating their Christmas crafts.  A great starting point was a big pack of Winter Card & Paper which costs £5.99 for 100 sheets of different coloured A4 card an paper.  Having tried to find something equivalent on the high street yesterday with no luck, I think this is an awesome value set which includes gold and silver card as well as thinner card in lots of colours but a particular focus on red, green and black.

Holly and I had great fun sticking these Christmas feathers (£2.50) onto a piece of card to make a Christmas Tree.  I don't think Holly actually knows what a Christmas Tree is yet but she thought it was hilarious when the feathers stuck to her sticky fingers.  Holly finished off her tree with some Christmas Glitter Pom Poms (£2.99) which come in three different colours and sizes.  We stuck them on using mini glue dots which have become my new best friend, they may be a little trickier than glue sticks for a 1 year old but for Lara, who is 4, they are certainly a LOT less messy.

The absolute star of our Yellow Moon craft pack was a set of sparkle Deco Pens (£9.99 for 5).  These are definitely for Lara and myself to use (I wouldn't let Holly anywhere near them!) but these metallic sparkly pens make great markers for Christmas crafts.  Lara put together this nativity scene complete with baby Jesus, Mary and her belly button (this is very important), a horse, a goat, a sheep and Joseph doing a handstand.  I love these pens and think I will be using them a lot in the run up to Christmas.

I have lots of fun craft activities planned with the girls over the coming weeks - I just LOVE Christmas craft and I'm really impressed with the range of Yellow Moon craft accessories and their prices.  You can get free delivery if you spend over £50 and every purchase can earn cashback for your chosen school or charity.
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