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Monday 4 November 2013

The Slightly Annoying Elephant - Children's Book Review

The Slightly Annoying Elephant is a brand new children's story and picture book by comedy genius, David Walliams.  Lara literally guffaws with laughter when I read it to her (it's the way I read it!)

What would you do if a huge blue elephant turned up at your front door unannounced? The Slightly Annoying elephant is a story book for children of approximately 3 upwards that will bring a smile to your face (especially if you give said elephant a very ridiculous voice when you read it).  It tells the tale of Sam who, home alone one day, gets a visit from his own elephant.

The elephant bosses his way through the day - demanding food, a bath and even antiques programmes on TV.  He doesn't miss a chance to annoy poor old Sam who doesn't really have a leg to stand on when he finds out why the elephant came to stay.

The illustrations by Tony Ross are funny and bright and I love the way that some of the pages are split up into two or three panels.  Lara enjoys it every time I pretend to be the elephant saying "Silly boy" and laughs out loud every time I read it.  The laughter is infectious and it always brings Holly running to take a look at the pictures of lots of big blue elephants (why are fictitious elephants always blue?)

We love this book, I think it would make a fab Christmas gift for a child aged 3-6.  The slightly Annoying Elephant by David Walliams is out now in Hardback and Kindle versions.

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