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Tuesday 26 November 2013

Is your Christmas powered by batteries?

Like it or not, this Christmas, many of the girl's presents will be powered by batteries and I have learned from my mother-in-law the art of being prepared when it comes to Christmas batteries... I always have a large number of batteries of different sizes ready for action on Christmas day.

We recently got the chance to try out the Innotab 3 before Christmas.  The Innotab is notoriously draining on batteries so I thought it would be the ideal chance to try out Duracell Ultra Power batteries.  I know from past experience that the batteries that are supplied for free with lots of children's toys don't offer a lot of power and can be used up before Christmas day is out and I've learned that cheap batteries can be a false economy.

Our Duracell Ultra Power batteries managed to cope well with the demands of the Innotab.  When we had finished our loan of the product I was able to take the batteries out and, this is the genius part, check to see how much power they had left in them.  Using the innovative power-check mechanism, I simply had to press the pressure-points to see that they were still really full of charge.  I can see this being a great way of saving money in the future as I often worry that I am throwing batteries away without managing to use up all the charge and now I know I can check before I throw them to see if they have any more life in them!
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