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Monday 18 November 2013

Swing and Spin Tyre Swing Review

This time last year we bought the girls a big double swing for our back garden; an investment Christmas present which should last them many years.  I expect, as Lara grows older, she will look for more exciting things to play on which is why I was REALLY excited when I was contacted to see if we would try out a large tyre swing that is new to the UK market - the Swing and Spin.

Swing and Spin Tyre Swing

The Swing and Spin is a large round swing with a cobweb-style net of ropes which you can sit on.  You can swing forwards and backwards as you would a traditional swing, or you can twist the ropes and let it spin you round and around!

The Swing and Spin is a very smart equivalent of a tyre swing; it is the type of thing you would expect to see at a public playground and so Lara feels very privileged to have one in her own back garden and is desperate to invite her friends round to sit on it with her.  The Swing and Spin comes in two sizes. Lara's is a Large swing which is 36 inches in diameter and can fit upto 3 children on it but the Extra Large 48 inch version can sit upto 5 kids!

Swing and Spin Tyre Swing

The Swing and Spin comes with two metal rings so you need to find a way of fastening it securely to an existing swing frame, a tree or posts.  I scoured ebay and bought two metal fixing hooks to go onto the crossbar of our swing frame (although Lara prefers it when I fit the Swing and Spin on just one of the hooks because she can get more spinning this way).  Our swing hooks click quickly on and off so we can easily switch between our traditional swing and the tyre swing.

I like the fact that the Swing and Spin has been specifically designed for use as a swing - I'd always been a bit scared of fashioning my own swing for the girls out of a real tyre as I knew I'd never be able to make it safe enough or robust enough.  I'm also pleased that the Swing and Spin is made from materials which allow me to keep it outside all year long come rain or shine which won't fade, rust or degrade.

Lara is loving her Swing and Spin and it has brought new life to our swing set.  The only negative that I found with the Swing and Spin was that the swing sits very low - the ropes let it hang at 70 inches (about 170cm) which, on our swing set, is very low to the ground and it would be nice if the ropes were more easily adjustable.

The Swing and Spin is available online for $199.99 (about £125) for the large swing and $239.99 (about £150) for the extra large swing.  Currently you can get FREE delivery to the UK and they usually ship within 24 hours (ours was super-quick!).  I have an awesome 10% discount voucher for Mellow Mummy readers, just enter the code "mellowmummy" at the checkout on between now and the 25th of December.

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