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Sunday 3 November 2013

The State of the Nursery

When Holly arrived in our lives, we made a decision not to let the girls share a room together, at least for the first couple of years.

Holly's nursery is, I will admit, the 'box room' of the house but it makes a beautiful nursery and is the perfect size for a cot or cotbed.  When we chose our nursery furniture for Holly we needed to make sure it was compact and still in keeping with the rest of the room which was decorated in gentle greens when we first moved into the house.

Holly's nursery now has a cot in it and it will be a few more months before we convert it into a cotbed.  We recently moved out her changing unit because she became too heavy for it.  The changing unit now has pride of place in our back garden as a potting shelf for when we are all planting out seeds and plants together... now that's recycling!

Holly has her own bookcase and a little hanging rail for her enormous clothing collection (my girls are far better dressed than me) and under her bed we keep her nappies and wipes so that they are well out of the way.

Now that Holly is a toddler she wants to play with her big sister but we know from our recent experiences in hotels, that Holly isn't yet old enough to be trusted to share a bedroom with her big sister or to sleep in a big girl's bed - it is a recipe for chaos and very little sleep indeed.  So, in order to allow the girls some space of their own where they can play together, I've made them a play room which I finished a couple of week ago.

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We sacrificed our spare/junk/guest room and turned it into part guest-room, part-playroom for the girls.  I've really enjoyed designing them a fun cheerful space designed with little people in mind without having to worry about where in the room to put beds, or cots , wardrobes or changing units.

Disclosure: This post was written in association with Homebase but all words are my own.
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